Tele Single Pickguard, Replacement Tele Guard, Choice of Colors
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Tele Replacement Pickguard, Tele Single

Dollar Deal Clearance Pickguard, Choice of Colors

Cut for Tele Single Pickup at the Neck
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*Standard USA & MEX/MIM 2002 & Newer Fit Style
*8 Hole Standard Guard Mounting

*Protective Film Surface Cover (remove carefully after install)

*Allow and expect color variation due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Sample images provided represent the color, pattern, or shading of these pickguards, but will not be an exact match. We do not recommend purchasing if you are looking for a particular outcome or are trying to match an existing color/theme on your guitar.

*Do not use power tools to install. Do not over-tighten screws or other components.

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Tele Single Pickguard, Replacement Tele Guard, Choice of Colors

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