Strat Trem System Brass 5+1 ~ ON SALE NOW, LIMITED QUANTITIES!
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This is the all BRASS version of the Wilkinson 5+1 Trem System. Note, this was produced by Wilkinson in Korea, but it is NOT stamped as Wilkinson.

Wilkinson has done it again, improving the design on a classic. Not since its' introduction back in 1954 have so many new appointments been made to the standard vintage tremolo.

The Wilkinson WV6 features start with a vintage correct steel baseplate and add to it 5 elongated knife-edge holes. The elongated holes eliminate binding on the screw. The 6th hole is traditional, keeping the bridge positioned properly. This ingenious design provides a smooth return-to-zero, getting-back-in-tune functionality.

Specially designed brass saddles, staggered string hole block pattern - this produces a consistent angle over the saddles and increases tuning stability.

Now everything has the same saddle to ball length. Intonation is a breeze! Full Size Block - not the tapered slimmed down model.

Increased sustain lets your notes ring through. Pop in arm - features a tension adjustment; let the arm swing or keep it stiff - either way there is no "wobble" in the arm.

These are spaced to fit your U.S. Strat perfectly. If you are installing on a Mexican or Import Strat, redrilling will be required. This item is a one time offer!

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Strat Trem System Brass 5+1 ~ ON SALE NOW, LIMITED QUANTITIES!

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