Strat Pure Noiseless Pickup Set, Black
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The Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Pickups Set includes three matched Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Strat pickups. Your choice of pickup colors.

Alnico slugs wound to 10K - completely NOISE FREE! Get the quack and sought after tone of a vintage Strat without all the 60 cycle hum of a standard single coil pickup.

Compared side by side with the big F's pups, no one yet can tell the difference without looking at the covers.

Mounting screws and springs are included. Comes with your choice of pickup covers.

Note: Due to the design, these are a little taller than our standard pickups. This isn't an issue for a Mexican or U.S. Strat body, but if you are trying to put these in an import (thinner body), you may need to remove some wood. 

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Strat Pure Noiseless Pickup SSS Set, Choice of Colors

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