Strat Pickguard HH, Black
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Dragonfire Standard Strat HH (Humbucker Humbucker) Pickguard
Stratocaster BLACK (BWB) 3 Ply Guard

This Humbucker-Humbucker pickguard is cut for one humbucker at the bridge and one humbucker at the neck. It features a shielded electronics area with an 11-hole mounting pattern to fit U.S.A. Fender Standard Strats and MEX 2002 & newer Standard Strats. This pickguard will not fit other guitars or styles and will not work with specialty sized pickups. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding fit.

This guard is a base model overstock and is of lesser quality than our normal guards.

Product Highlights

Brand new pickguard/Fender replacement pickguard

  • 11 hole standard mounting pattern with counter-sunk mounting screw holes
  • Aluminum shielded electronics area
  • Fits the mounting pattern for American (U.S.) Fender Standard Strats
  • Fits the mounting pattern for Mexican (MX) Standard Strats 2002 & newer
  • 2 rectangular standard size humbucker pickup mounting holes (not counter-sunk)
  • 2 pickup mounting screw holes per pickup opening (centered one each side; not counter-sunk)
  • 1 standard size switch cut with 2 switch mounting holes (1 each side of switch cut; not counter-sunk)
  • 2 control pot holes pre-drilled as pictured

What’s Included

  • 1 quantity Stratocaster HH Pickguard (in color/style noted above)

Nothing else is included. Any extra images are provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only. There are no diagrams or instructions provided with this item.

Please allow and expect color variation due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. We have made an effort to provide a sample image best representing the color, pattern, or shading of this pickguard. Some colors or patterns are extremely difficult to accurately portray in pictures. If you are looking for a particular shade, color, or pattern or are trying to match an existing color or theme on your guitar, we do not recommend purchasing from our online store. We want you to be completely satisfied with your pickguard and thank you for understanding that we cannot guarantee a particular look. Guards may not look the same in your space compared with our shop where the pictures were created, depending on your monitor, environment, lighting, contrasting colors, individual perception, etc.

  • Features: Clearance Sale
  • Pickguard: Strat HH
  • Color: Black (Black-White-Black)
  • Fit: US & MIM 2002 & Newer Standard
  • Item #: 8
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Strat Pickguard HH, 3 Ply Black-White-Black Clearance Sale

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