Strat HH FLOYD ROSE Gold Mirror, Option Choice
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FLOYD ROSE Strat HH Pickguard

Gold Mirror, CUSTOM Style Options 

Brand New Double Hum (H-H) FLOYD ROSE Stratocaster Guard

Fits Fender (see below for fit notes)

Product Description

This Humbucker-Humbucker pickguard is cut for one humbucker at the bridge and one humbucker at the neck. It features a superior shielded electronics area with an 11-hole mounting pattern to fit U.S.A. Fender FLOYD ROSE Strats and MIM (Made in Mexico) 2002 & newer FLOYD ROSE Strats. Floyd Rose pickguards are cut for a Floyd Rose Tremolo rather than a Standard Strat set-up (Floyd Rose Trems require a larger cut-out/different shape). Floyd Rose guards will not fit a guitar with a standard-sized trem. 

This pickguard is the CUSTOM style of guard and allows personalization for your unique style. Our Custom offering brings you special customization options for your new guard. We offer pot position options as well as your choice of switch hole styles for increased personalization and playability. Just tell us how you would like your new pickguard sent to you and we are happy to accommodate your preference. Please check out the provided reference image for options.

CUSTOM Option Features

Your choice of switch option guard drilling:

  • None (left blank for you to drill or cut as you choose)
  • 1 Switch Hole for 3 Way Toggle Style Switch drilled in Position 2.5
  • 2 Mini Switch Holes drilled for you as shown in the provided reference image

Your choice of a single pot hole as follows. 

  • P0 – Position #0 – NO Hole (undrilled – you drill where you like)
  • P1 – Position #1 – Standard Strat Volume Hole
  • P1.5 – Position #1.5 – Slight Offset between Position #1 and Position #2
  • P2 – Position #2 – Standard Strat Middle Tone
  • P3 – Position #3 – Standard Strat Bottom Tone
  • P4 – Position #4 – Offset (may require extra routing)

IMPORTANT NOTES regarding hole placement options. Thank you for your attention to these important details.

  • Position #4 may not fit in a standard Strat route and additional routing may be required with this selection.
  • Mirror guards may be more difficult to drill successfully; these may require extra skill and patience. Drilling mirror guards is not recommended for novices.
  • Hole Placement - Be aware of your knob circumference and hole placement as some hole options are too close together to allow adjacent standard size pot placement. Your choices for hole positions are your own and not our responsibility. We have no knowledge or control over the knobs you choose to install. Please think ahead! If you are unsure, the safest option would be to go with SoCal Classic styling. 
  • You can use a full-size or mini-size volume pot with any pot choice/option.


  • Brand new HS pickguard, FR Style
  • Fender replacement H.S. guard
  • 11 hole standard mounting pattern
  • Counter-sunk mounting screw holes
  • Fits American (U.S.) Fender FLOYD ROSE Strats
  • Fits Mexican (MX) FLOYD ROSE Strats 2002 & newer
  • Aluminum shielded electronics area
  • Square-corner pickup mounting holes
  • 2 pickup mounting screw holes per opening
  • Protective layer of film covering face of guard

What’s Included

  • 1 Stratocaster HH Pickguard (in color/style noted above)

Nothing else is included. Any extra images are provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only. There are no diagrams or instructions provided with this item.

This pickguard will not fit other guitars or styles and will not work with specialty sized pickups. It WILL NOT FIT “Squier” “Deluxe” “Light” any Artist Series or anything else other than “FENDER STANDARD” FLOYD ROSE model guitars in the years and configuration specified above. Please contact us prior to purchase if you have any questions regarding fit.

Color Option Notes

BLACK (Black-White-Black/BWB): This 3-Ply Guard consists of 3 separate layers in Black, White, Black order with a white layer sandwiched between two black layers. This creates a "white band/stripe" look along the side edge of the pickguard. The face of the guard is black as shown in the item image.

WHITE (White-Black-White/WBW): This 3-Ply Guard consists of 3 separate layers in White, Black, White order with a black layer sandwiched between two white layers. This creates a "black band/stripe" look along the side edge of the pickguard. The face of the guard is white as shown in the item image.

Purchase Notes

Please allow and expect color variation due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Be sure to inspect your new guard carefully upon receipt for any shipping damage, fit on your guitar, color, and general appearance. Your new pick guard will be shipped to you with a layer of protective film covering the guard surface. DO NOT remove the protective film, modify or install the guard if it does not meet with your approval for any reason. We pledge to address any concerns you have prior to installation. Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the pick-guard and cause damage; this is especially true with mirror guards. If everything is in order upon receipt, simply install carefully and then slowly peel off the protective covering to enjoy!

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Strat Floyd Rose Pickguard HH, Gold Mirror Custom Options

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