Prewired Strat HH Pickguard, Active Buckers
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Pro-Series Pickguards - Dragonfire Prewired Strat HH (Humbucker-Humbucker) Strat Loaded Pickguard, Active Buckers - Prewired Guard

Due to the success of our ceramic and AlNiCo active sets, we decided to offer it prewired for your Strat with all the flexibility and choice Dragonfire is known for. Our Dragonfire Active Buckers Prewired Guard gives you the choice at both the bridge position & the neck position to choose a ceramic or AlNiCo active humbucker pickup.

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The Active Ceramic is the ultimate rock and metal pickup. Scorching harmonics and screaming lead tone, this pickup has the clarity and tone for the most demanding guitarist. The AlNiCo is the yang to the ceramic's ying. Still hot of course, but with an alnico magnet for much warmer tones. The Active AlNiCo will add a rounder feel to your leads and put some chunk in your rhythm playing.

These are active and require a 9v battery. Includes a 25K pot & stereo jack (shuts the battery off when the guitar is unplugged). Battery life is about a 1000 hours average.

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Prewired HH Pickguard, Active Buckers

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