PCB Standard Switch
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PCB Blade Switch

Choice of 3 Way or 5 Way Switch

Blade Lever Switch
PCB Blade Style Lever Pickup Selector Switch

Choice of Three Position (3-Way) Style or Five Position (5-Way). This switch is a great way to effectively assist in the lever action resulting in quiet, smooth, and fluid transitions.

The 3 Position style of switch is designed for a two pickup set-up.

The 5 Position style of switch is designed for a three pickup set-up.

*Blade Switch
*8 Poles / Terminals
*2 Ground Tabs/Connectors
*Tip Color & Style Choices
(Tapered Style Tip typically used for Strats; Barrel Style Tip typically used for Teles)

*Overall Height (Bottom to Top of Switch Tip): 48mm
*Insertion Depth (Top of Base to Bottom of Switch): 28.3mm
*Overall Length x Width: 48mm x 13.5mm
*Screw Spacing (center:center): 41mm
*Mounting Screw Head Diameter: 7mm
*Mounting Screw Overall Length: 8.5mm
Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected.

*1 Quantity Blade Switch
*2 Quantity Mounting Screws
*1 Quantity Switch Tip
Nothing else is included. Supplementary images may be provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION ARE NOT INCLUDED. You should be able to use basic knowledge of wiring and/or your own diagram/instructions to install. Installation requires soldering. Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage. 
CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASE if you have any questions or concerns regarding color, pattern, fit, materials, installation requirements, compatibility with your instrument, measurements provided, or anything else.
INSPECT YOUR ORDER CAREFULLY UPON RECEIPT for any shipping damage, fit on your guitar, color, and general appearance. DO NOT use, modify or install the product if anything does not meet with your approval for any reason. We pledge to address any problems or concerns you have PRIOR to installation. If everything is in order upon receipt, simply install carefully to enjoy.

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PCB Standard Switch, 3Way / 5Way Position Lever/Blade TipChoice

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