Strat Trem System Wilk WVSII 50, Chrome Strat Trem System Wilk 5+1 USA, WV6-SB, Chrome Black Gold
Strat Trem System Wilkinson WVS 50 II, Your Choice of ColorsStrat Trem System, Wilkinson 5+1 USA Bridge, WV6-SB Color Choice

Tremolos, Strat Replacement - Wilkinson WVSII, 50. One set anchor point and one flat knife edge. This allows you to mount the studs anywhere from 53mm to 62mm. You can mount this in a guitar that has the standard 6 screw trem too! Just use the...

Wilkinson Strat Tremolo/Trem System WV6-SB Wilkinson Vintage Style 6 Saddle "5+1" Steel Block Strat Tremolo System Fits USA 2-3/16” Standard Spacing For Use in Standard US Fender Strats with 1-3/4” Body Thickness Choice of Colors The...