Individual Pickups


Active S Single Pickup Active SA Single Pickup, Black Crusaders Single Pickup Set
Active S Single Pickup, Position & Color ChoiceActive SA Single Pickup, Position & Color ChoiceCrusaders Single Pickup, 1 qty Strat PUP Position & Color Choice

S Series Single Coil - single coil swagger without the noise! Great for a Strat setup. Perfect for blues, rock, and country. Comes with one S Series Single Coil Pickup good for bridge, middle, or neck (your choice) and the famous tone and power...

Brand New Dragonfire SA Single Active Pickup based on the EMG SA for less than half the cost! SA Series Single Coil - single coil swagger without the noise! Great for a Strat setup. Warm alnico magnet is perfect for blues, rock, and country....

Dragonfire Crusaders - Single Pickup; your choice of position & colors. Dragonfire Crusader Single Coil. Your choice of one Bridge Pickup, one Middle Pickup, or one Neck Pickup. Middle pickup is RWRP for hum-cancelling in positions 2 and 4....




Duo Rails for Bridge, Middle, or Neck, White-Chrome Phat Strat SSS Pickup Set Strat Alnico Pickup Set, Black
Duo Rails, Position & Color ChoicePhat Strat Pickup, Choice of Position & ColorStrat Alnico Pickup, 1 qty, Choice of Position & Color

Duo Rails - Works for Bridge, Middle, or Neck - Color Choice. Great for everything from Classic Rock to today's Metal, the Duo Rails deliver. Wanna add a humbucker to your Strat, but don't feel like carving up that body? Throw a Duo Rail in that...

Dragonfire Phat Strat Pickup. Choice of 1 pickup in bridge, middle, or neck position. Need a good pickup at a great price? Look no further! Dragonfire Phat Single Coil pickups feature big P Bass sized polepieces. These look cool, but more...

Pickups, Strat, Dragonfire - ONE Alnico Pickup in your choice of bridge, middle, or neck position. 





Strat Pure Noiseless Pickup Strat Pure Vintage Pickup Texas Blues Strat Pickup
Strat Pure Noiseless Pickup, Choice of Position & ColorStrat Pure Vintage Pickup, Position & Color ChoiceTexas Blues Strat Pickup, Position & Color Choice
Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Pickup. Includes your choice of ONE bridge, middle, or neck Dragonfire Pure Noiseless Strat pickup. Alnico slugs wound to 10K - completely NOISE FREE! Get the quack and sought after tone of a vintage Strat without all...

Dragonfire Pure Vintage Strat Pickup; choice of 1 Bridge, 1 Middle, or 1 Neck Pickup. Dreaming for that early Strat tone from the 50's and early 60's? Look no further! Staggered alnico slugs, enamel coated wire on a fiber bobbin, wax potted, with...

Dragonfire Texas Blues Strat Pickup. Includes one pickup in your choice of bridge, middle, or neck position. Yearning for the hot SRV tone? Look no further! Same as the Big F's Set, we got 'em here for ya in true Dragonfire fashion at 1/3 the...




Lil VB - Single Coil Vintage Bucker, Position & Color Choice
Lil VB -Single Coil Vintage Bucker Individual Pickup, Clearance!

Discontinued pickup style. No returns accepted for this clearance item. Lil VBs - Single Coil Vintage Buckers Pickup, 1 Pickup in Your Choice of Position & Color These are humbuckers in single coil sized pickups. The Lil VB’s feature...