H90s Humbucker-Sized Cased P90s Set, Black Pearl-Chrome
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Black Pearl Pickups, H-90s, Humbucker Sized-Cased P-90s. Your choice of Outer Ring Color.

Wanna get some P-90 tone, but cut for Humbuckers? Here you go! Drop a set of our H-90s in and go to town.

A P-90 pickup encased in a standard humbucker-sized half cover. Wax potted matched set of Bridge wound to approximately 8.3K and Neck wound to approximately 8.0K.

Our set comes with the following: one bridge pickup, one neck pickup, four mounting screws, four mounting springs, and wiring instructions.

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H90s Hum-Sized Cased P90s Set, Black Pearl, Ring Color Choice

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